Snow Removal Tips for Homeowners

If you’ve been watching the weather forecast you’re either excited for the snowfall or feeling a little antsy if this is your first Winter in the Clearwater area. Sometimes one of the most daunting tasks of homeowners is proper snow removal during these storm fronts. It may be tempting to wait and let it melt but with a forecast of snow for eight of the next nine days, you’ll want to put the effort in.

Here are proper snow removal tips to help you through this cold blast we’re feeling.

Snow Removal Tips: 

1. Invest in a Good Shovel 

Shoveling snow is already frustrating but if you have a quality shovel to work with, you’ll make the job a little easier. This is one area you’ll want to spend a little more and buy a heavy plastic or aluminum blade shovel.

Also, be mindful that large shovels aren’t always the best as they mean a heavier load for your back and arms. If you’re looking for a shovel for heavy snowfalls, you will need to buy an s-blade shovel. C-blade shovels are better for lighter snowfalls.

2. Avoid Placing Snow Near The Foundation 

This is easily overlooked as you’re simply trying to move the snow but be mindful where you’re placing the snow. You’ll want to avoid placing the snow next to your home. This may lead to issues with frozen pipes and even potentially cause cracks or leaks into your home’s foundation as the snow begins to melt.

Don’t forget to remove snow from the driveway, walkways, entryways, and porches. It’s best to remove the snow to prevent leaks into doorways as the snow begins melting.

3. Shovel Often 

It’s tempting to wait until the snow is done falling but in reality, it will be easier to stay on top of it. If you wait to remove snow until the next day often it will begin to stick to the ground and sometimes freeze, making your job harder. So during heavy snowfalls, it’s wise to remove snow several times throughout the day.

4.Invest in a Snowblower

If all this snow simply sounds like too much work then you may want to invest in a snowblower. It’s a more expensive option but if you need fast and efficient snow removal then a snowblower will be your best friend, and possibly your neighbors.

5. Don’t Forget the Roof 

For those that lived in Idaho a few years back during the Snowmegadon, this is an all too familiar past time. You may be able to use a roof rake for sloped roofs, which is a long-handled tool that is specifically designed for this season. But don’t forget the flat roofs in extreme snowfall. The weight of the snow could pose as too much stress on a flat rooftop. If it’s easily accessible you may be able to simply shovel the snow off the roof, but you’ll need to be careful not to damage the roof surface. Keep in mind your own personal safety is important so use caution and safety measures if you choose to shovel rooftops.

6. To Ice Melt or Not? 

When it comes to slippery driveways and steps you have several options for clearing the ice such as salt (sodium chloride), calcium chloride, calcium magnesium acetate, and urea. Be sure to do your research and know the potential consequences of using each form of ice melt as they may cause damage to plants, concrete, and other services, or could be harmful to your pets. So please do your research and better yet try to stay on top of snow removal to keep the ice build-up down.

With the cold front looming upon us this week it’s best to be prepared to properly maintain your home. Ultimately protecting and preserving your investment.

Stay safe and warm!

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